Day the Sun Stopped Shining Blog Tour #2: Priorities for Next Year

As we wind down this year, I have little interest in reviewing the last twelve months unless there were some notable mistakes and/or accomplishments. None come to mind at the moment, so I will move on to planning for the new year.

Last night I sat down and made a list of all the projects on my “To-Do” list. I have either started writing them or they are part of a series that has been published (the one exception is teaching myself to use GIMP for making book covers.) There are thirteen items on said list. I am not the only writer in this boat, I’m sure. We are a creative lot and when the juices get flowing, they can spill into all kinds of cool, new projects begging for our attention. Here’s how I sorted my list. It’s called a decision matrix. I listed all of my projects vertically (I used an Excel spreadsheet because I’m a big geek, but you can do this on paper.) Across the top I listed them again, left to right. Wherever a project intersects with itself, I colored the cell black (you can use an X on paper). I started at the top of the list and compared my first project with each of the others across the top. If the project along the side took priority over the one on the top, I put a one in the square. If not, I left it blank. When I finished, I counted the ones in each row (actually, the computer counted them) and sorted by the Rank column. The project with the highest score was put at the top of the list, second most came next until the project with the lowest score was at the bottom of the list. Now I have a way to prioritize my time.

This is a shot of my decision matrix before I sorted it using the rank numbers.

It doesn’t mean that every project must be completed before the one below it, but the higher the priority, the more time I will dedicate to it. Sometimes you just have a great thought on a future project and it just HAS to be written down. At least when I have a schedule, I know what I should be doing. It’s up to my muse to keep me on track.

CONTEST: In the spirit of the season and the blog tour, everyone who buys an ebook  copy of Chronicles of Alcamene Book One: Gunn Sight ( ) will be entered in the drawing for an autographed PAPERBACK! (wow! like, you know, paper and a cover and you can read it in the bathroom at work! Cool, huh?) copy of the book. Just email me a copy of your receipt and I will put your name in the hat. I will give away 1 copy for every 50 entries. Yes, you can enter more than once if you have more than one Amazon account. If you buy AND leave a review (good, bad or otherwise) I will enter your name AGAIN! Look, I’m an Indie author and I am not above bribing you to buy my book. BTW, I will autograph the book for someone else if you like and send it to them. Yes, too late for Christmas, but what a great gift to give the sci-fi fan in your life. They are certain to have a birthday in the next twelve months, you’ll be way ahead of the game.

We have fifty authors participating in this promotion, so be sure to hop over to their blogs as well and check out the cool things they are giving away. Of course, I  would ask you to check out Matthew Wood’s story “The Day the Sun Stopped Shining” (you didn’t think I was clever enough to think of that, did you?) .

Here is the link to the Blog Tour Home page:   All of the authors are listed there (saving me the trouble of doing so here) so please check out their blogs, books and contests.

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