A Parent’s Nirvana

No, I don’t mean the rock band. Wikipedia listed the following definition of nirvana:

“It is synonymous with the concept of liberation (moksha) which refers to release from a state of suffering after an often lengthy period of committed spiritual practice.”

OK, I’m taking some license with the term, especially the part about spiritual practice. But let me explain (oh, come on, you knew that was coming). I have three sons, lovingly referred to as “The Bears” by my wife and me. (If you saw how they ate and opened a cereal box, you would understand.) That would make her Goldilocks, but that’s another story. Right now, as of 3:50 this morning when I left for work, everything is working for the bears. I would knock on wood, but plastic shelves and a steel desk are the only items within reach of my fist at the moment.

Oldest bear Justin is 25. He and his girlfriend just found out that they were approved for their first apartment together. He has had a steady job now for three or four months at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries (yes, I will plug them, they are keeping him employed. Besides, their burgers are delicious) and life is finally going well for him. (AND he buys his own groceries now šŸ™‚ He has had a few rough places to get through and often does things the hard way (no, not because he’s my son. Technically my stepson, so no DNA from me, but then there is environment). I’ve been his dad since he was 4, so I get to share all of the credit/blame/pride with my wife. Still looking for some wood to knock on….

Middle bear Jon is in EMT school and working retail. They love him at work. The firemen he did the ride along with said wonderful things about him. His girlfriend of three years? (I forget exactly) is a sweetie, too. Jon is also an amateur body builder, hence his grizzly sized appetite. No, I never looked that good, even when I was 19. He does look enough like me that I’m sure he shares my DNA. I’ll apologize when he’s old enough to understand. Apple… tree… you get the point. Hopefully he develops his mother’s good sense… someday.

Baby bear, Jeremy (oh, the alliteration thing? Family curse, happened to me and my brothers, too) is now a senior in high school and it looks like he will graduate on time. This might not seem like a big deal, but Jeremy has cerebral palsy and goes to school in a wheelchair. He is in mainstream classes, not special ed. This is also his third high school (long story) so this is a considerable accomplishment. And he has plans to go to college. šŸ™‚

As is the case with most sane parents (I use the term loosely) I always love my boys. I don’t like to see them hurt but I know life is going to smack them in the head once in a while (literally, in the case of Jon’s motorcycle and Justin’s car accidents). It’s just nice to see everything going right for them. All at the same time. No, really, I will find some wood… oh, yeah, workbench… jinx avoided. So for today, nirvana rules the lives of the Bears and Goldilocks and I can stop and take a deep, well deserved breath. And get ready for the next bump in the road. If my cellphone rings and it’s one of the bears……..

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