The Last Great Act of Customer Service

So often we bloggers (including your truly) rant about how the world has done us wrong. My last post is a good example of this. 1st Amendment still in effect? Ok, I’m good.  Anyway, today, I get to sing the praises of… yes, it’s true… a customer service rep… on the phone… for TiVo… Yes, I know, if it had been the cable or cell phone company, I would have been on the phone to the Vatican.

Here’s the 411: We have been loyal TiVo subscribers for almost eleven years and still have our original Phillips DVR. It is not activated on the account as we bought a new one. The old one does not work on ethernet to the computer, only phone line, which we do not have. (Sorry for all the tech talk). Long story short (too late, I know) we wanted another unit for my son’s room. Called Tivo, talked to tech support. Wrong department, they sent us to Customer Service, specifically Account cancellation. Seems TiVo is pretty adamant about keeping customers, especially those from whom they have made thousands of dollars (Yes, kids, that’s where we spent your college money. But look at all the quality TV you got to watch). I spoke with a really nice guy named Terry who went above and beyond. He was friendly. He laughed at my lame jokes (actually, he thought Rancho Cucamonga was a funny name for a town. He lives in Denver, not his fault). Not only did he hook us up with TiVo’s newest DVR, he did it for free! Well, almost… we have to stay with them another 2 years…yada yada yada… like we’re going to stop watching TV… (have you met my wife? She should do programming for the networks). I was so impressed that I asked to talk to his supervisor, Francis, to give him a glowing review. (If you ever get good customer service, take the time to do this. It will make their day and confuse them all at the same time.)

Wow! A company that actually cares about customers.  OK, a few other points: 1. Terry spoke ENGLISH!  2. He lives in the US 3. I could understand him  Attention: Companies that want my money, please take notes and learn from this. Using a third world call center and CS reps that speak such broken English that I need subtitles to understand them does not endear you to me. I’m a writer, I blog…. I will say bad things about you.  But not TiVo…TiVo will get my money every month only after the electric bill but way before my mortgage (That’s a topic for another blog). And, unfortunately for customers, Terry will probably get promoted to supervisor. This is good for him and I wish him the best, but we need people like him on the front lines/phone lines to help us. Maybe TiVo will let him train new reps? That would be awesome. *shaking head* Well, I can dream… Thank you, Terry, you made our day.

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